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You take your kid to the slopes to share your love of skiing and the mountains, and the Rossignol Toddler Girls' Terrain Ski with Kid-X 45 Binding makes those first couple of frustrating days on the bunny hill as easy and fun as possible. Rossignol designed the Terrain Ski with a little help from the Terrain Based Learning program to make this ski as beginner-friendly as possible. First of all, the Terrain Ski is a cinch to turn thanks to lightly rockered tip and tail, which reduce the amount of effort required to initiate turns. Adding to the ski's easy-turning nature is a cap construction, which results in a pivoty, easy steering, and a quick-to-stop feel. The bunny hill is not immune to icy, hardpack conditions, though, so Rossignol put plenty of camber underfoot, so your little gromette will quickly get used to using her edges and start carving turns before you know it.

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