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The Rossignol Star 7 Alpine Skis with Look Pivot Bindings are burly womens ski that wont back down from steep lines deep snow and fast speeds The Powder Turn Rocker profile is designed to be stable through crud and give the tail power and control The Air Tip balances out a stiff ski with lightweight so you maintain float in the deep stuffampnbspPRODUCT CONDITIONThese Rossignol Star 7 Alpine Skis with Look Pivot 14 Bindings are in Good Condition These skis show moderate wear The topsheets are in Excellent Condition while the Bases are in Good ConditionampnbspampnbspThe bases are a little dry and the edges could use a good tune but are in otherwise great shape The bindings were mounted for a 287mm boot sole lengthDisclaimerampnbspThe bindings on this ski are not demo bindings and may need to be adjusted to accommodate your ski boot The bindings have not been fitted and tested for your specific ski boot The DIN on this binding has also not been adjusted in accordance with your specific height weight ski boot sole length and skier type We recommend that you have a certified binding technician adjust the bindings in accordance with your specific measurements to ensure that the bindings release properlyTECH SPECS-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspTipWaistTail 140112130-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspTurn Radius 18m-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspPowder Turn Rocker profile longer more gradually tapered tipampnbsp-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspCentered Sidecutampnbspa unique tapering of tip and tail with a short sidecut directly underfoot-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspAir Tipampnbsptip is air filled for maximum lightness and constructed to retain maximum torsional rigidity-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspLight Wood Paulowniaampnbsp15 lighterampnbsp-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspSandwich Laminateampnbspwood cores with high-tech laminates provide the ultimate in stability power and durability-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspFree VASampnbspVisco elastomer material helps to smooth the rockercamber transitionampnbsp-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspMinicap Sidewall-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspAdvanced to Expert Ability level-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspBig mountain powder-ampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspampnbspDIN 5-14

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