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Providing a playful flex with solid edge hold and smooth turn initiation, the Rossignol Frenemy Women's Snowboard leaves you with an ear-to-ear grin every time you strap in. The Frenemy is a softer, less aggressive version of the Rossignol Diva, making it ideal for intermediate riders stepping up their freestyle skills across the mountain. The directional twin shape is slightly setback for stability when you're charging groomers and flying down open bowls, also enhancing float in fresh powder. The Amptek All-Mountain profile gives you camber between the feet for precise edge hold, with more rocker in the tips for catch-free playfulness when you're buttering and jibbing through the park. Also, these rockered tips maximize buoyancy in powder, ensuring you don't bog down on those epic days when it's snowing heavily. Equipped with a Wood 5620 core, the Frenemy is a smooth-flexing board with plenty of snap for popping off natural rollers and clearing mid-sized kickers. Enhancing grip without being overly grabby, the board's five-bump serrated edges are a toned-down version of the more aggressive seven-bump serrated edges, ensuring strong edge hold without it being overly grabby. Another rad feature, the 4400 sintered base readily absorbs wax to reduce friction when you're gliding over fresh snow and sticky spring slush.

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