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Rossignol Classic Turtleneck Sweater - Women's: A highly original roll-neck sweater and hallmark of the Sport Chic collection. The W CLASSIQUE ROLL NECK is a women's Merino-wool roll neck sweater. This high-quality wool is renowned for its exceptional insulation, softness, wicking ability, and antibacterial properties, as well as for its lightweight feel. True to Rossignol's history, a rooster stands proudly on the front of the sweater. An iconic symbol of expertise. The Sport-Chic collection combines sports, authenticity and elegance through Rossignol's signature detailing. Iconic pieces featuring the brand's famous 'blue, white and red' signature make this collection the epitome of French chic. Fabrics Fabric weight Gauge 12 Fabric weave Merino Knit Fabric content 100% Merino wool Functional features Collar Roll neck Artwork Intarsia rooster on chest

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