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Ready to leave the crowded lift lines, overpriced tickets, and scraped-clean slopes of the resort behind for the untouched snow and blissful solitude of the backcountry' If yes, then pick up the Rome Powder Room Women's Splitboard for premium touring performance and enhanced float through waist-deep powder. This directional split setup features industry-leading Karakoram Ultra clips for a solid feel underfoot without any unnerving flex down the seam. Its set-back stance and Powder S profile keep the nose up and floating through the deepest powder and provide straight-line confidence for pointing it down steep chutes and mowing over bumpy, chopped-up snow. Meanwhile camber underfoot maintains pop and edge hold for a powerful feel and performance in less-than-fresh snow. Inside this backcountry beauty, the AirPop Core Matrix uses five zones of ultra-light, low-density wood with air channels to further decrease weight. This gives you a light feel underfoot when you're skinning up long ascents, helping to conserve energy for slashing pow on the way down. Carbon Double Barrel HotRods are milled directly into the core, running to the tip and tail, for increased snap and drive when you're railing turns off the back foot, while also helping to keep the large, rockered nose from chattering at high speeds. The QuickRip Sidecut enhances edge grip on hardpack and sketchy snow, thanks to its blended sidecut with two additional mid-board contact points. Rome added in a SinterSpeed Base for plenty of speed to keep from bogging down on long run-outs in deep snow.

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