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Hop on the Rome Mod Snowboard for high speed hot-laps, stylish tricks on big jumps, and mind blowing ollies provided by the freestyle minded shape, and high performance construction. To thrive in the park, on side hits, and groomers, the Mod is built with a true twin shape that lets you ride with confidence both regular and switch while also creating a lower weight to encourage big spins in the park. Working with that true twin shape, the Stay Positive Camber profile provides extremely responsive pop for getting on high rails and setting tricks on big jumps. This camber profile also enhances edge control outside the park so that you can lay trenches in fresh corduroy or navigate some dicey steeps when you are in the mood. To create the stiff 9-out-of-10 rated flex, the mod features an Airpop Superlight Core Matrix, TurboRobs, Biax carbon laminates, and Kevlar impact plates. This combination uses top notch materials to cut as much weight and create as much pop and control as possible. The Superlight core is made of durable poplar laminated with a lighter weight wood to keep the weight down but the rigidity up. Running through that core are two carbon Turbo rods that work to eliminate a loss of pop over time as well as create a longer stable section underfoot for increased stability and response. The Biax carbon layers again reduce weight versus a fiberglass laminate but still create a long consistent flex through out the board while the Kevlar impact plates add longevity by spreading the force of hard landings out across your board as a whole instead of letting it stay concentrated under the bindings.

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