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You might have thought ahead and ordered the factory crossbars for your car's roof rack only to realize that the frustration of trying to find a secure bike mount to fit the bars far outweighs any initial convenience. RockyMounts' TieRod puts the simplicity back into the process with its guaranteed-to-fit TieRod Bike Mount. Unlike other systems that require you to buy feet and fit kits, the TieRod secures to your existing factory crossbars using a simple rubber-coated stainless steel strap to wrap each bar. They are quick to install and may easily be switched between cars. In addition to working with your factory rack, the TieRod is also compatible with all Yakima and Thule bars. The mount holds road and mountain bikes with standard quick-release front forks. RockyMounts makes a special model for folks with recumbents and XtraCycles. To secure your bike, the TieRod uses a simple QR skewer-style mount that is easily used with one hand. Locks for the mounts are sold separately.

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