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You've just bought the mid-sized pickup of your dreams. Once you stop staring at it, wrap your mind around the fact that you can finally transport your toys to the trailhead without creating a complex puzzle in the back of your overstuffed sedan. Rather than toss your bump-devouring full suspension baby in the bed all alone, secure it with the RockyMounts DriveShaft Track Locking Thru-Axle Mount. Accommodating all standard thru-axle sizes including Boost, the DriveShaft Track aims to save space, mounting vertically into your truck's pre-existing track system and securing your bike laterally or vertically across the bed. RockyMounts includes a lock core and keys, and it designed the DriveShaft Track to secure to your thru-axle via an adjustable T-Bolt, ensuring the system cannot be unscrewed in transit.

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