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With the industry is constantly evolving, RockShox builds upon what made the original Pike RCT3 27. 5 Charger Debonair 120 Boost Fork successful, while still updating it to keep one foot firmly planted in the future. The sleek and stealth aesthetics found on past models of this fork remain in place to keep your kit iconic, while the lower legs have been cut-out to reduce weight by approximately 20 grams without losing that legendary stiffness you've come to love from Pike forks. Since it's available in Boost spacing only, you'll not only reap the benefits of increased front wheel stiffness, but also find this fork works with the high volume tires up to 2. 8-inches wide. Along that same line, the brake mounts now only accommodate rotors in the range of 180 to 200 millimeters, seeing as how aggressive trail bikes use larger rotors for increased stopping power. The innovative Charger 2 damper unit retains the Open, Pedal, and Firm settings of the previous model, but with a wider range of low-speed compression adjust in Open mode, as well as re-tuned damping in Pedal mode for better support on long climbs and smooth-buffed trails. Firm mode allows for compatibility with RockShox OneLoc remotes, which is helpful if you're a competitive racer using RockShox rear shocks, as you can lock out the front and rear simultaneously to gain efficiency while sprinting for the finish. Plus, the new Charger 2 damper gets a bleed port for easier servicing at home. Part of its name, RockShox's DebonAir spring increases the negative air spring volume from the SoloAir, thereby improving small-bump sensitivity without sacrificing its support across technical sections and bigger hits. This makes it all the more sensitive when you're pedaling across root-and rock-infested sections of trail, giving you greater traction over bumps without feeling like it's overly harsh.

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