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The magic of having a completed costume is feeling that total transformation occur. You might have worked tirelessly to perfect that zombie look, including both the scarred brow and the green pallor to your face and gone to that community center actor's group on the Walking Dead zombie walking course, or perhaps fashioned together all the synthetic pieces from foam and PVC pipe to make the world's most realistic biomechanical murderbot and are anxiously awaiting your prize at the convention. You may have smothered yourself in green body paint and donned the horrific mask made of molded plastic to give yourself that pre-history look of a hybrid dinosaur or maybe are just dressing up for a pleasant night on the town... No matter your choices in forming that unique look, you may have found that transformative effect is still missing a final ingredient. If you're feeling a little lackluster, sometimes, adding an unexpected component is the way to go. And, we have that for you in these Ripped Tights. These nylon and spandex tights are one-size fit all and have a snagged look that is perfect for simulating scales, deteriorating flesh, plates, or simply to give you a unique texture to accentuate your existing day- or night-life decor. Seek that final transformation no more with this perfect little accessory.

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