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Disrupting the notion that high-end bindings have to be stiff as a brick, the Ride Revolt Snowboard Binding is an upscale freestyle binding with a fluid-flexing feel that's still responsive enough for cruising around the mountain. Responsible for its fluidity, the Slimeback Revolt highback provides ample side-to-side flex when you're tweaking out grabs and pressing, yet it's still plenty responsive for leaning hard into heelside carves. Since it's infused with urethane, this highback dampens vibration when you're blasting over choppy snow conditions and riding away from harsh landings. The Revolt is built upon Ride's Aluminum Edge baseplate for indestructible longevity that would make cockroaches jealous, as backed by Ride's lifetime warranty. Canted Wedgie footbeds sit atop this baseplate, naturally aligning with your riding stance while softening the sting of flat landings and harsh snow conditions. As for the straps, you'll find Ride's Freestyle Asym ankle strap, which is asymmetrically designed for greater flexibility without compromising much in the way of responsiveness. It's paired with a ThinGripPlus toe strap for an excellent grip over practically any boot on the market.

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