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The Ride Men's Superpig SnowBoard is a directional all-mountain SnowBoard for Performance and speed in changing conditions no Matter where you take it. Its Sintered base provides speed and durability, emphasized by the lightweight, strong Wood that makes up its core. Impact Plates Are placed strategically so that the Board is strengthened where it would otherwise take on negative impact that would damage the Board. Not only is it reinforced, but other construction Features such as the SlimewallsA(R) and Race Base give it a smooth ride with extra energy on fun terrain. Just in case you think that's not enough, it also has Carbon Array 5(TM) laminates and Carbon infused glass for added pop. Features of the Ride Men's Superpig SnowBoard A Tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut maximizes grip and maintains speed in all conditions Carbon Infused Glass provides extra pop Slimewalls? provide a smoother ride and increase durability Carbon Array 5? provides extra pop without adding stiffness The low friction Race Base is made from carbon-infused sintered base material to ensure a fast ride The all-new SUPERPIG infUses High-end Tech into our best-selling WARPIG shape for an elite all-mountain deck If you find yourself facing something big and bad, avoid the three little pigs and take shelter with the SUPERPIG, because this Board is built like a brick shithouse

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