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The Ride Men's Kink SnowBoard is a durable Board for riding park and ruining the SnowBoard. While nobody really sets out to ruin a Board, riding park, hitting rails, sliding stairs and so much more eventually does. The Cleave Edge; Steel on the edges feature 50%; thicker steel, to take on whatever you throw at it. This Twin Board has a soft flex, Roll-In Slimewalls; for dampen vibrations and resist blown edges. Freestyle ride your way into some fun, damage is gonna happen when it happens. Features of the Ride Men's Kink SnowBoard Cleave edge steel edges Are made from 50% Thicker steel to take the abuse of hitting rails, riding down stairs, bonking things not covered in Snow, and all of the other fun things that ruin a SnowBoard ADDITIONAL Features Sintered Base - High-end sintered 4000 Ptex base material that is more durable, harder and faster than extruded. Hybrid Glass - Triaxial on top, biaxial on base, balanced torsion and stiffness for better response with speed. Standard Edge - Rockwell 48 C. Slimewalls - RIDE's exclusive Slimewalls Are forgiving and ductile, absorbing impacts rather than defending against them. Just like your skate wheels, the urethane in Slimewalls smoothes the interaction with the Snow, Wood or metal surfaces you may RIDE on. On top of all that, these babies Are virtually indestructible, the most durable sidewalls in SnowBoarding. Performance Core - High strength Aspen is combined with Bamboo and lightweight paulownia Wood to provide the perfect balance of strong and light. Carbon Array Laminates - This power distribution Technology provides total Board control in every stance location. Widespread carbon stringers placed at the binding zone gather input from any stance width and all pressure angles. Rider input is then channeled to the opposing contact point for maximum Board control. Offered in two levels of Technology, 3 and 5.

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