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Features of the Ride Men's A-6 SnowBoard Binding BINDING CHASSIS: A-Series Aluminum Footbed: Canted: BINDING SERIES: A-Series BASEPAD: A-Series Diecut HighBACK: Slimeback (Urethane) ANKLE STRAP: Two-Piece Strap TOE STRAP: Minimalist RATCHET: Linkage Ratchet DISCS: Plastic Disc Baseplate A-Series Aluminum Chassis A-Series Diecut Basepad Canted Footbed Aluminum Discs Slimeback Highback Highbacks utilize urethane similar to our Slimewalls Technology Slimeback material absorbs shock and damps vibrations to help smooth the ride while providing fluid support Straps Two-Piece Ankle Strap, Minimalist Toe Strap Buckles Linkage Ratchet Designed to improve ladder durability and eliminate ratchet wag, resulting in a smoother user experience with the same hold you expect

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