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Buy It Now! | Ride Snowboard Bindings > Like all of Ride's bindings, the "Big Boy" 10 flex comes in both aluminum and composite options. The Ride C-10 Snowboard Bindings fall into the latter camp but are by no means a lesser binding. Still the stiffest option of the line, but with a touch more give for chattery snow and hard landings, the C-10 is the way to go for hard charging riders who demand the best support and prefer the smooth feel of a composite chassis. Linkage Ratchet Designed to improve ladder durability and eliminate ratchet wag, resulting in a smoother user experience with the same hold you expect. C-Series Performance Chassis Feel Rating 10 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) Carbon Slimeback(TM) Highback Made from laminated carbon and urethane, this unique highback offers the lightweight support and pop of carbon with the smooth dampened ride of urethane. Three-Piece Ankle Strap | Ride C-10 Snowboard Bindings 2023 - Medium in Black | Aluminum

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