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Buy It Now! | Ride Snowboards > Rumor has it, if Coach would have put the Ride Benchwarmer Snowboard in during the fourth quarter, the team would have won state for sure. I mean, quadratic sidecut AND a directional shape? What's an opposing park feature supposed to do against that kind of combo? Add in a stiff flex, beefy Cleave edges, double impact plates, and a carbon-backed camber profile, and this freestyle twin can just do things that others can't. It's incredibly maneuverable, mega poppy, and downright nasty stomping the big jump line. Performance(TM) Core High strength Aspen is combined with Bamboo and lightweight Paulownia wood to provide the perfect balance of strong and light. Cleave Edge(TM) Nearly 50% more steel means improved durability. Asymmetrical Quadractic Sidecut Blending of three radii to improve turn initiation/exit while providing the best grip possible. This design is uniquely formulated for each model based on its shape and riding style. 2 x 4 Inserts Sintered, Stone Ground Base High-end sintered 4000 Ptex base material that is more durable, harder and faster than extruded. | Ride Benchwarmer Snowboard 2023 - 155 | Bamboo

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