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Buy It Now! | Ride Snowboards > Simple, smooth, and multi-directional. The Ride Agenda Snowboard is an entry level twin shape with a soft flex, dependable feel, and easy riding characteristics that make it a winner for progression in the park on across the mountain. If you are looking for a board that will have you riding better in no time, and possibly have an eye on the freestyle features, this is the one for you. Foundation(TM) Core Tip-to-tail Aspen wood core with proven durability that retains pop and flex. 2 x 4 Inserts Bi-axial Glass 90deg and 0deg angles, fun and forgiving. Quadractic Sidecut Blending of three radii to improve turn initiation/exit while providing the best grip possible. This design is uniquely formulated for each model based on its shape and riding style. Extruded, Stone Ground Base The industry standard extruded 1500 Ptex base material. Durable and easy to repair. | Ride Agenda Snowboard 2023 - 158

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