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After a long development period, Red Chili would like to introduce a new member to their high-end range, which was developed in close cooperation with their top athletes. The MYSTIX is a high-end climbing shoe with a powerful downturn for steep to extreme overhanging routes in the climbing gym and at the crag. Built on an aggressive and pointed last, the shoe allows very precise footwork in vertical and overhanging terrain. It offers great support on small edges while remaining flexible enough to impress in modern boulders which often propose many large volumes and slopers. In order to achieve these properties, the MYSTIX features a midsole which was specially developed using CAD. In addition, the strong downturn optimally supports the foot muscles in steep terrain. The crossed Velcro strap closure system permits individual adjustment with one quick pull. The MYSTIX allows quick on and offs without compromising on performance. In order to achieve even more feeling when stepping onto a hold, the toe area has been designed to be particularly soft. Additionally, the shoe features an extra sensitive Vibram XS Grip sole (3.5 mm). The toe area is made partially from leather, so that this part adjusts even more to the individual toe shape. The foot stays cool thanks to a breathable tongue made from fine, elastic knitted fabric.High-end bouldering and climbing shoe for steep to extreme overhanging routes in the climbing gym and at the cragEspecially soft forefoot with extra sensitive Vibram XS Grip sole (3.5 mm) for even more feeling when stepping or hookingIndividual adjustment to the foot and toe shape thanks to crossed fasteners and leather in the toe areaPowerful downturn, Specially designed 2-zone midsoleBreathable tongue made of fine, elastic knitted fabric

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