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If there's one thing that's constant in the cycling industry, it's change, and with Shimano's new Dura Ace 9100 groupset that statement continues to ring true. As such, Quarq had to make some tweaks to its DFour Power Meter, which played well with Shimano's previous lineup from 105 to Dura Ace, the new 9100 series required different attention, and thus the DFour91 Power Meter Alloy Crank Arms were born. With the exception of the difference in compatibility, the DFour91 includes all of the technology of the DZero and DFour packed into its spider, most importantly the power meter itself. The power meter saw some hefty reworking, with Quarq claiming 150 documented improvements, asserting leaps and bounds of advancement above previous models, with the most significant enhancements made to the strain gauges and measurement circuitry in the heart of the meter. All this is followed up with a new forged alloy build that drops the price, while keeping your setup reliable through challenging conditions. As in previous models, the DFour91 incorporates five meticulously placed strain gauges throughout the spider, designed to measure how many Newton Meters you're putting out when you hammer on the pedals. And it still incorporates the same level of claimed accuracy at +/- 1. 5%, keeping it 0. 5% more accurate than most meters. One of our favorite features, though, is that the new design doesn't require as much correction in order to maintain accuracy through massive temperature ranges, allowing things to work smoother when the mercury drops. This means that the DFour91, like the DFour, is better at rationing battery life through changing weather, but when the battery does die out, it's still easy to change without tools or tedious procedures. Quarq's 10K Dynamic temperature compensation technology graces us with its presence in the DFour91, alleviating us from the stress of constant mid-race zeroing when the temperatures fluctuate on long alpine climbs, or early morning to ...

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