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One of the principle reasons for massage and massage creams is to promote the flow of blood to the muscles. Better blood flow means better muscle repair and faster recovery; it's a simple equation. That's the reason behind QM Sports Care Recuperation Cream. It soothes your muscles after a hard day in the saddle, decreasing repair and recovery time so you'll be ready to hammer the pedals again tomorrow. Relaxing the muscles and mind after a hard ride is super important for recovery. The generously-sized tub of Recuperation Cream has the texture of a whipped honey spread. Since it smells so nice, you'll be tempted to spread it on your toast, but you'll do better to rub it on your legs, arms, back and any other place that feels like the muscles have been getting a lot of use. Though far from overpowering, the aroma can have the effect of transporting you to an English garden, or a French roadside bordering a lavender field. Though not everyone is convinced about the actual benefits of aroma therapy, you'll be hard pressed to convince us that the mix of laurel, lavender, rosemary, anis and cypress leaf oil doesn't add a pleasurable element to the recuperation time. The Recuperation Cream has a non-greasy texture which makes it easy to rub on, and it's quickly absorbed. Mild rubbing into the muscles is all it takes. The relaxing effect is immediate. A small scoop on your fingers will suffice for your quads, so the coverage the cream provides is pretty extensive. Sweet-smelling and appealingly creamy, we predict that halfway through your rides, you'll be looking forward to rubbing the QM Sports Care Recuperation Cream on your legs when you get home.

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