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The Prior Swallowtail XTC Carbon Splitboard is a beefed-up, lightened down board built to surf deep powder on big mountains. Prior combined a directional swallowtail with plenty of rocker in the tip to give this split all the float you need in the soft stuff. There's enough camber between the inserts to provide a surprising edge-to-edge performance in more variable snow. Despite its camber and limited taper, the Swallowtail rides best in open bowls with powder glissading behind the board in a gigantic, swirling tail. Prior built the Swallowtail Split out of lightweight aspen and poppy poplar in vertical laminates for a natural, moderate flex that's suitable for most riders on the mountain. This XTC model includes carbon stringers that amplify the splitboard's stiffness without adding much weight. There are sidewalls to beef up the board's durability, and the sintered base boasts plenty of speed for fast-paced tours through the backcountry.

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