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When your mini crusher is ready to graduate from a balance bike, the Prevelo Alpha One 14in Single Speed Bike is their next step. This complete bike is designed specifically for three to five year old riders with kid-specific needs in mind--it isn't just a shrunken adult bike. Your little one is used to existing close to the ground, so the Prevelo geometry is designed to keep them there with a narrow build that is easy to balance. Tektro V-brakes provide stopping power and employ small reach levers so little hands can maintain control, and the Alpha One features a rear coaster brake while they're working up the coordination to use the levers. The single-speed crank keeps things simple as they're learning, because they have the rest of their lives to worry about changing gears and maximizing efficiency. The chain features a double wheel guard that makes it hard for the chain to contact anything it shouldn't, and Prevelo used bolts and nuts with a low-profile, rounded edge--reducing scrapes and therefore meltdowns while they're learning.

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