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PowerBar PowerGel Hydro (24 Pack) Nutrition Mojito (50mg caffeine) : The Athletes Choice since 1996 PowerBar PowerGel(TM) Hydro (24 Pack) are specifically designed to fuel athletes during endurance performance. These gels feature C2Max Dual Source Carb Mix for rapid absorption and transport of energy to an athletes working muscles during their training and competition. The special formula also helps to restore so lost during activity via electrolyte replenishment of 200mg of sodium per pouch. The Hydro format provides more water so the gel is even easier to swallow while on-the-go. Vegan. Includes refreshing flavors made with and without caffeine. Helps promote level blood sugar, sustained energy and nutrient absorption. Features an Easy to Open pouch to eliminate litter with a rip tab "Trash Chain". Flavors Include: Mojito (50mg Caffeine). Orange.

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