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Have you spent basically your entire childhood and most of your adulthood consuming police procedural dramas and films? Do your friends and family members often roll their eyes after you insist on giving them the "all clear" before allowing them to enter a room or a building? Do you already know how to execute a perfect tuck and roll from a moving vehicle? Do you often fantasize about protecting your city from dangerous situations, yet also have no time to do all the hard work to be a SWAT officer? If you answered "yes" to all or even one of these questions, then this Plus Size SWAT Jumpsuit Costume is for you! This sweet Plus Size SWAT Jumpsuit Costume looks just like a regulation uniform, which will make everyone around you think that you put in all that hard work and training to become a member of the S.W.A.T (when in reality all you did was watch a couple of key episodes of "Law & Order"). The 100% polyester jumpsuit comes with a thigh holster and a helmet, and there's even a SWAT vest included, so people will know right away who you are when you crash in through their windows and break down their doors in search for the city's most notorious criminals (note: Please do not crash in through people's windows or break down their doors). Add a pair of aviator sunglasses and some combat boots, and you'll look so official that you might even get arrested to impersonating a police officer! (Perfect chance to get an inside view into the workings of a real police department!)

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