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THE TANK OF THE TRIO In a trio of superheroes, everyone needs to have a role to play. You've got to have the go-getter who puts everything into play. You also need the brains of the operation who can figure out all the puzzles and see what is overlooked. And, sure, those are important roles, but they often overshadow the guy who plays a more reactionary spot on the team. That guy who finds the traps, breaks down the walls, and provides the shields to make sure everyone is safe. PRODUCT DETAILS Fortunately for Gekko of the PJ Masks team, his companions usually recognize what he offers the crew. And, you can reward your little Gekko with this PJ Masks Gekko Power Up Accessory to give them that extra boost of power. This plastic bauble is a replica of the Super Gekko Shield that the youngest hero gained after overcoming their power loss and makes a great addition to a Gekko costume. BLOCK THE BADDIES When you're an innocent team of super kids trying to keep nasty ninjas and ridiculous robots from messing things up for everyone else, you need to be ready to shield yourself and others from their plans. This Gekko Power Up Accessory is the perfect fit for your little green-clad kiddo.

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