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When everything comes together in the bike world we get something like the Pivot Trail 429 Team XTR Live Valve Carbon Wheel Mountain Bike. This hyper-advanced mountain bike is equipped with LiveValve suspension, a modern adjustment technology with roots in the truck racing world. Pivot has completely redesigned the Trail 429 frame, knocking off 300g from a size large to get us up and down the mountain faster than ever. With the race-ready Trail 429 it's easy to get tempted to do a local cross-country race one week and an enduro event the next. Geometry on this version of the 429 is dialed for a competent trail bike that relishes the descents as much as it pushes us up the climbs. A flip-chip in the rear lets us choose between 'slack' and 'slacker', so naturally, we're going for the slacker option. In this setting, the headtube drops to 66 all while keeping a relatively steep seat tube angle of 75. Combined with a middling wheelbase of 1188mm(size M) we're having fun no matter what direction the trail goes or how long the next descent is. Helping us out in the fun department is 'set and forget' suspension performance with help from Fox and their LiveValve tech. LiveValve keeps the suspension hyper-active, judging the terrain and making small adjustments as we ride with its electric brain system. LiveValve is hooked up to Fox Factory suspension front and rear, allowing for a plush ride that stays at peak performance for longer thanks to a Kashima coat. The drivetrain is top-of-the-line full Shimano XTR, offering precise shifts and buttery smooth shifting even while under load. Finishing off the build is a set of Reynolds carbon hoops, these strong wheels are dialed in for trail riding with offset widths. Running in a 30mm inner width upfront and 28mm in the rear, the wheelset allows for a larger contact patch upfront for grip and a small patch in the rear for better rolling resistance. With this version of the Trail 429 we can be confident we're riding a trail...

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