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The Pivot Mach 5. 5 Carbon Pro XTR Live Valve Reynolds Complete Mountain Bike features modern geometry, carbon frame construction, and suspension technology that is rivaled by few on the market. Pivot refers to it as their quintessential trail bike, but in truth it's just damn fun and insanely capable. It gobbles up anything in its path on the descents, while maintaining the climbing prowess DW-link suspension is known for. It also happens to be one of the first bikes with Fox Live Valve electronic suspension fully-integrated into the frame, a game-changing technology that senses terrain changes and automatically adjusts your suspension to match them, with a . 003 second response time. It sounds complex, but in truth it simplifies your riding as there's no need to worry about switching between suspension modes. Instead, the suspension does it for you in real time, balancing ride quality and pedaling efficiency for the best experience regardless of the trail. As the name implies, the Mach 5. 5 has 5. 5in of rear travel provided by the DW-link suspension platform. DW-link is a world championship proven suspension design invented by Dave Weagle. DW-link separates itself from other dual-link designs with its impressive square-edged bump compliance, attributable to the initial rearward axle path. It's also fully active under braking, keeping your rear tire glued to the ground in rough terrain instead of chattering, and allowing you to brake later into corners to carry more speed upon exiting. It's paired with a 160mm Fox fork up front, letting you to smash over everything in sight with the prowess of a full-blown enduro bike. The difference in travel between front and rear gives you a bit more pedaling efficiency, with extra plushness up front to soak up chunky rock gardens and bigger hits. The bike industry is ever-evolving so it makes sense that the Mach 5. 5 sees long, low, and slack geometry that's right in line with other progressive trail bikes. A 66. 5-degree...

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