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If your dream ride consists of barreling through high-speed rock gardens on a 3,000-foot descent, slapping berms and hitting jumps in the bike park, or setting your fastest time on a gnarly enduro stage, we can think of a few bikes that'll fit the bill. Now imagine it being lightweight and efficient enough to be able to climb to the top and handle twisty flow trails without sacrificing the poppy, lively feel that makes those types of trails fun. That narrows the playing field significantly and the one that'll continue to ride to the top is the Pivot Firebird 29. Big wheels meet 162mm of supple travel, and in conjunction with modern long and slack geometry, your confidence is about to get a major boost as you charge down steep, burly lines and high-speed chunder. And while this Firebird is no XC whippet, the speedy 29-inch wheels and efficient DW-link suspension can rack up the backcountry miles better than most bikes in its category. Additionally, Super Boost Plus allows Pivot to build super short chainstays for a nimble ride and afford huge clearance for 29er tires (up to 2. 6in), or go 27. 5+ if you're looking for the ultimate in traction. The Firebird 29 borrows heavily for the design and geometry queues of the 27. 5in Firebird and its Phoenix DH Carbon siblings, with long reach numbers and 45mm length stems across the board. The Firebird 29's super-short chainstays sit at 16. 96-inches, thanks to the 12 x 157mm Superboost Plus spacing allow for snappy handling, quick power transfer, and easy lifting of the front wheel up and over techy climbs, and for those blessed with the talent--manualing. Also contributing to the climbing chops are its steep seat tube angle of 74. 5 to 75-degrees (based on its adjustable flip-chip position and lower headset cup selection), which places you right on top of the pedals and prevents the front wheel from wandering on steep switchback climbs while its adjustable 65. 5 to 65-degree headtube angle lengthens the bike's wheelbase ...

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