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Avast me hearties--that means "listen up" to you landlubbers! Cap'n says it's bad luck to have a wench on the ship...but Cap'n isn't here right now, is he? So hop aboard (and why not take over command, while you're at it?) If any of these scurvy dogs try to tell on you we'll make sure them's walking the plank, ourselves. See here, pirates like their sails full (and their egos fuller) and their grog cold (and their hearts colder). But did you know that pirates also like their clothes to be eye catching, and their costumes even more so? You didn't? Well, this Pirate Wench Costume has a-plenty of fine details to make you feel like queen of the high seas (and put the rest of those salty dogs in their places). Yo-ho-ho--there's even a scarf to tie back ye locks and look even more like a pirate of yore. So, keep a weathered eye for snitches. The laced corset has a very pirate-y skull and roses design and the off-the-shoulder dress with cinched sleeves is perfect for when a lass needs to raise a mighty sword against a raiding party. The skirt can be worn down for windy days on the docks or cinched up high to pillage another vessel and relieve it of its gold and treasures. Climb to that thar crow's nest and keep a lookout! We don't want no mutiny up in here. But if we hear of even one of them bilge rats even thinks of tellin' the Cap'n that there's a pirate wench on board (even if she looks like she could best them all at the ropes without so much as a hornswaggle) they'll be swimming in Davy Jones' locker before they can say "Argh!"

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