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Just because you're a pirate doesn't mean you can't have beautiful, well-coiffed hair. Standing on the starboard on a crisp Caribbean morning, just letting it flow in the tradewind. Every morning you treat it with luxurious Moroccan oil that you killed a guy over, and every night you tuck your locks into a silk sleeping cap to keep it moisturized and silky. There should be two priorities in every pirate's life: beautiful hair, and piracy. Of course, you're not going to risk a shred of damage to your perfect hairdo just because you have to ransack and sink a Spanish trading vessel. That's why you wear your Pirate Turban while you're out raiding! Ours appealingly covers your head so you don't have to worry about getting split ends while you're slaughtering innocent sea merchants. A must for every handsome pirate!

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