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The Pieps Set Powder BT Beacon includes a Powder BT Beacon, C-660 Shovel, and an aluminum 260 Probe, essential tools that every backcountry skier or splitboarder should have in their arsenal. The Pieps Powder BT is a high-performance beacon for avid backcountry skiers and splitboarders. It's a trimmed-down version of Pieps's pro model, meaning it has all the necessary features for an efficient search while still remaining user-friendly. A 3-antenna design provides a more accurate search than traditional 2-antenna beacons, and a 60-meter range will help you pick up the victim's signal and get on the right track from a further distance. The Powder BT has a multiple burial function that picks up signals from all buried victims within range, while the flagging feature lets you mark victims as you find them so your partner can start probing and you can move on to find the next. In the event that you are caught and buried in hang-fire during a search, the beacon will automatically switch back into send mode after a certain amount of time by sensing that you're no longer in motion, allowing your rescuers to pick up your signal. Besides having features that make searching safer and more accurate, the Powder BT also boasts technology to ensure that you and your partners' beacons are in proper operating condition prior to heading out for a day of powder hunting. It can perform an extensive self-check, displaying all of the relevant hardware and software elements so you can quickly identify if there are any areas that need attention. During a group beacon check--which you should always do prior to heading out on a tour--the Powder BT reviews the activity and transmission of the partner device so you can ensure your partners' beacons are working accurately. While the beacon is essential for both finding and being found, once you're at a burial site you'll need the quick-releasing probe to find a buried victim, and a shovel to dig them out. The C-660 shovel features a telescopi.

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