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Features of the Petzl Vertex Vent Hi-Vez Helemet Six-point textile suspension conforms perfectly to the shape of the head CENTERFit feature allows perfect centering of the helmet on the head, thanks to its two side adjustment wheels FLIP and Fit system allows the headband to be positioned in a low position, guaranteeing that the helmet Fits securely on the head System folds into the shell for easy storage and transportation Comes with interchangeable standard comfort foam Dual chinstrap allows the worker to adjust chinstrap strength in order to adapt the helmet to different environments: Work at height (EN 12492) or on the ground (EN 397) Clip has two positions, corresponding to these two Uses: High strength, limiting the risk of losing the helmet during a fall and low strength, limiting the risk of strangulation if the helmet is snagged while the user is on the ground Shock absorption achieved through deformation of the outer shell Vent holes with sliding shutters allow the ventilation to be adjusted as needed, while wearing the helmet Fluorescent outer shell with phosphorescent clips and reflective bands, for optimal visibility of the worker, day or night Eye shield with EASYCLIP side attachment system for easy installation Petzl headlamp with mounts, or headlamp with elastic headband Helmet protector keeps the shell free from soiling and paint splash Nape protector provides effective sun and rain protection for the nape of the neck Nametag holder allows user to be easily identified Changeable chinstrap and foam Hearing protection Available in two High-visibility colors: Yellow and orange Fabric Details ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), Nylon, Polycarbonate, High-strength Polyester, Polyethylene

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