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BUILT TOUGHDesigned for sport climbing, this harness is comfortable for both indoor and outdoor climbing. The elasticized leg loops remain adjusted and the waistbelt is flexible and slimmer in front to give great freedom of movement. The four equipment loops of the Sama by PETZL provide sufficient space for the required equipment. FEATURESEndoframe Technology construction guarantees excellent weight distribution for optimal comfort: Waistbelt and leg loops with doubled straps, waistbelt wider on the sidespadded waistbelt and leg loopsWide waistbelt provides comfortable positioningGreat freedom of movementWaistbelt is flexible and slimmer in frontElasticized leg loops allow the harness to remain adjustedElasticized leg loop straps and flexible connection straps allow maximum mobilityCapacity for carrying equipmentTwo rigid equipment loops in front for easy clipping and unclipping of quickdraws

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