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For illuminating your path in the dark, strap on this Petzl headlamp, an intuitive and easy-to-use design using Bluetooth?? technology and a mobile app. A strong 750-lumen beam lets you see ahead, but beyond just the brightness, the NAO+ comes packed with Reactive Lighting, Petzl???s technology that analyzes the surrounding environment to adjust to your activity. As a result, the headlamp conserves its energy and requires few adjustments on your part. Additionally, compatibility with the MyPetzl-Light app lets you check its battery life and fine-tune its performance from your smartphone or tablet. . . . Produces a multi-beam, which is monitored by a light sensor. . Reactive Lighting technology analyzes the environment to adjust the headlamp???s lighting on its own. . Customize the lighting on your own with the MyPetzl-Light app, which can be used through a smartphone or tablet and conserves battery life with Bluetooth?? Smart technology. . Use lamp with or without app. . Stays stable, even during intense activities. . Battery pack added to rear. . Adjustable headband. . Rear red light signals your location and can be seen up to 1 km away. . Charges with integrated USB port. . Wide or mixed beam pattern. . Uses Lithium-Ion 2600 mAh rechargeable battery (included) or two AAA/LR03 batteries. . IPX4 waterproof protection. . Weather-resistant construction. . Reactive Lighting:. . . . Max Autonomy: 320 lumens, 85m distance, 12-hour burn time. . Max Power: 750 lumens, 140m distance, 6-hour, 30-minute burn time. . . . . . Constant Lighting:. . . . Max Autonomy: 120 lumens, 65m distance, 8-hour burn time. . Max Power: 530 lumens, 135m distance, 1-hour, 30-minute burn time. . . . . . Reserve mode: 15 lumens, 2-hour burn time. . Weighs 187g. . Imported. .

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