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The Petzl Laser Speed Screw is a Performance screw for ice Climbing. It has absolutely nothing to do with lasers but it does screw in pretty fast and bites into a variety of ice types with surprising ease. The steel and aluminum screw is manufactured in a tube shape, creating a durable and lightweight piece. Each screw length Features a different color, so you can grab the right one off your rack at the first try. Features of the Petzl Laser Speed Screw Ultra-High-Performance ice screw with integrated crank Steel tube for easy bite and screwing in any type of ice Lighter tube and optimized threads for increased durability Optimal shape of the tri-toothed drill improves the bite into ice Easier sharpening with the drill?s patented sharpening reserve Compact hanger to facilitate screwing into sculpted ice Integrated flexible crank provides excellent grip and an optimized lever, making it easier and faster to screw in Color-coding facilitates identifying the length of a screw NOTE: the LASER SPEED 10 cm is not PPE, it serves as an alternative when the situation prevents you from using a 13, 17 or 21 cm ice screw

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