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LOCK IT DOWN WITH PEACE OF MIND - THE PETZL AM'D TWIST-LOCK CARABINER.The PETZL Am'D Twist-Lock Carabiner is an efficient shape for holding equipment or attaching to belay systems using either end of the carabiner. Its large dimensions (25 mm gate) allow it to hold an array of equipment while the D shape offers good handling and is designed to be easy to grip with gloves on. Petzl's Keylock system helps avoid accidentally snagging your carabiner on your gear. FEATURESGate opening: 25 mmEfficient shape for use on either end of the carabiner (belay systems)Can hold a large quantity of equipmentD shape for great handlingDesigned for use with gloves onKeylock system to avoid snaggingTwist-Lock system: to be used when quick opening is key (e.g. at the end of a lanyard or when connecting the GRIGRI to a harness)TECH SPECSWeight: 75 gClosed Gate: 27 kNMinor Axis: 8 kNOpen Gate: 8 kNLock Type: Auto Lock

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