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When it comes to maintaining or building fitness in the miserable conditions of the shoulder seasons, the stakes are pretty high. Overdress and you'll overheat, which makes you sweat and ends up clammy and chilly. Underdress and you'll skip the middleman and just go straight to chilly. Either way, you risk ending your ride with a phone call from under a cafe canopy rather than a triumphant upload of training data. Pearl Izumi's PRO Softshell Leg Warmers provide the versatility needed to handle the mercurial conditions of late fall and early spring, helping to ensure you stick to the training plan and roll into the new season eyeing the podium rather than just hoping to finish. Of course, the PRO Softshell warmers don't do it alone; however, when paired with weather-resistant bib shorts, they effect all the coverage of tights that can be paired down to shorts when the clouds disperse, the sun comes calling, and you're sizing up a few hill repeats. When the weather's uncooperative, the Softshell material resists wind and road spray, so while your braking may suffer, your legs will spin in relative comfort.

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