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Taking inspiration from their early '80s high-pile fleeces, Patagonia has given new life to an old favorite. Combining retro pile style with modern comfort features you get the ultra-cozy Retro Pile hooded jacket that you may never want to take off. Double-sided shearling fleece is extra soft and provides reliable warmth for crisp winter days. Spandex bound cuffs, hem, and hood openings ensure a snug fit to seal cool temperatures out and body heat in. From fall farmer's markets to early spring travels, this fleece will add a classic look and exceptional comfort to any outdoor adventure. With a new shape for 2019, the jacket's straightened side seams give a relaxed fit for laid-back style and improved layering capabilities. Wear this jacket cautiously as Patagonia products are known to be quite pride-inducing, with eco-conscious, recycled fabrics and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes it just might go to your head.

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