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Park Tool GSC-3 Drivetrain Cleaning BrushHaving a clean drivetrain allows for smoother shifting and makes for a more efficient bike. The Park Tool GSC-3 Drivetrain Cleaning Brush should be a required tool for every rider's home tool quiver and is a simple but important tool in keeping your bike working at its best. The brush features a dual-sided construction with long, narrow bristles on one end and a crescent-shaped end on the other. The bristles can reach into hard-to-reach places on your drivetrain and the crescent-shaped end is great for cleaning off dirt and grim on your pulley wheels. FeaturesDual-sided Long, narrow bristles for hard-to-reach areasCrescent-shaped end cleans guck off of derailleur jockey wheels | Park Tool | GSC-3 Drivetrain Cleaning Brush Blue

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