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Park Tool CG-2.3 Chain Gang System A clean drivetrain keeps some of the most crucial components working at their best, provides a smoother ride quality and increased longevity; as opposed to a dirty drivetrain, which can cause poor shifting, unnecessary wear and increased likelihood of things going awry mid-ride. Maintain your drivetrain with the Park Tool CG-2.3 Chain Gang System. It contains everything you need to quickly and easily clean the chain, freewheel cogs and chain-rings. Park Tool CG-2.3 Chain Gang System Features CM-5.2 Chain Scrubber GSC-1 GearClean Brush 8 oz. bottle of ChainBrite Related Articles: CHAIN CLEANING WITH A PARK TOOL CHAIN SCRUBBER BIKE WASHING AND CLEANING Manufacturer's Part No: CG-2.3 UPC: 763477001726 | Park Tool Cg-2.3 Chain Gang System Cleaner, Gear Brush and CB-4 Degreaser

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