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So, we understand how it goes. You spend a few hours staring into puzzle books, driving your mind batty until you are finally getting close to solving it... finally getting the answer and spotting what you've been missing. The mind can take some crazy turns when it is forced to dwell in puzzles for hours at end and some of those just for kids and oh, this will be so fun kind of puzzle books are obviously insidious works of evil, explicitly designed to send any would-be participant straight off the mental cliffs and into insanity. But, the most infamous of maddening puzzles is certainly the eye-and-mind riddling, hiding-in-plain-sight kind of optical camouflage that is Where's Waldo. Years lost to the investigation, all based on finding that single, weird doofus, this friendly-looking red-and-white clad, vision-impaired buddy while he's mall-walking amidst an entire town of holiday-garbed shoppers who came for the best sales during Black Friday. And then... success! You've found him! Except... No. That's a candy cane. Aaarg! It is enough to drive someone to... pure evil. So, we do not blame you for taking the turn and becoming a twisted version of the very target you've long sought. It is fine and, like all villains, you need to have the right gear to show your new lot in life. Do so with this twisted Odlaw costume. The yellow and black striped long sleeve shirt is the perfect opposite to the too-good-to-be-found Waldo and the matching cap (fuzzy ball included) and dark glasses and adhesive mustache ensures that all will know you for your darker side... if they can find you.

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