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There is truly nothing worse on the mountain than a quick change in the weather and an equally as quick change in your ability to see clearly. The Oakley Line Miner Replacement Lenses are specifically made for your Line Miner Goggles. Having a backup plan, aka backup lens, is always a safe bet and Oakley has provided plenty of options with its Prizm Lens Technology. Prizm Lenses optimize contrast and color when cruising at high speeds and your sight is a huge advantage. Grab a replacement lens for your Line Miner Goggles, heck, grab two! You never know when you'll need one! Prizm Lens Technology, F3 Anti-Fog Coating, Large Frame Sze for Oakley's Line Miner and Line Miner Prizm Goggles, Category: Replacement Goggle Lenses, OTG: Yes, Helmet Compatible: Yes, Goggle Ventilation: Medium, Goggle Lens Change: Moderate, Frame Size: Medium, Lens Shape: Flat, Lens Type: Non-Mirrored, Model Year: 2020, Product ID: 591436, Model Number: 101-643-001, GTIN: 0888392180872

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