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Oakley Crossrange Patch Sunglasses protect your eyes while projecting your bold style. These Oakley sunglasses feature an injected O-Matter frame with a stylish double bridge and impact-resistant Plutonite polycarbonate lenses that block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays and harmful blue light up to 400nm. The extended rectangular lens shape provides greater peripheral perception, while High Definition Optics (HDO) technology delivers a less distorted vision across the whole field of view. Select styles feature Prizm lenses which are specially tuned to maximize vision and bring out fine detail. Others are part of Oakleys Standard Issue series, which are designed for military applications. Oakley Crossrange Patch Sunglasses include an electrostatic Microclear bag for cleaning and storage. Nonpolarized. Made in USA. About Oakley lenses: Prizm: Designed to deliver ultra-precise color tuning for any environment. By fine-tuning individual wavelengths of color to make everything vivid and vibrant Prizm sharpens visual acuity to reveal nuances that would otherwise be missed by the naked eye. Iridium: This special metal oxide coating allows Oakley to fine-tune lenses of any color. The iridium coating regulates contrast, glare, reflection, light transmission and light absorption tailoring the lenses to better fit specific conditions. Gradient: Offers a smooth transition in shading from a darker top to a lighter bottom while still retaining true color perception. Photochromic: A premium option for select single-lens eyewear designs, it darkens the lens automatically to help you adapt to changing light and always perform at your best. Even when the photochromic lens color lightens it still filters out 100% of all UV. Standard Issue(SI):Oakley Standard Issue is a dedicated div Type: Non-Polarized.

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