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When you're racing against the clock and every second counts, you'll be glad you're wearing Oakley's Aro7 Helmet. Designed to slice through the wind and provide a streamlined profile at a wide range of yaw angles, the helmet's design is based on racecar forms. Add to that MIPS technology and you have a fast lid that'll keep your brain protected in the event of a crash. And with its strategically placed vents and a lightweight polycarbonate shell, you end up with a helmet that shaves time and isn't a hindrance to wear in warm conditions for periods of time. Like the rest of the cycling helmets in Oakley's lineup, the Aro7 features MIPS technology, which has become pretty commonplace on many premium cycling helmets on the market. This protection goes beyond the impact absorbing qualities of its EPS foam and can help further disperse energy in certain crashes. We're in the camp that if you're gonna wear a helmet, (and you most certainly always should!) choose one with MIPS or some other multiple-impact protection if you can swing it. Another innovative and visually stunning feature on the Aro7 is its Plutonite visor with Prizm Road lens technology. The visor provides more coverage than your typical sunnies and has the added bonus of further bolstering the helmet's aerodynamics, and integrates cleanly with the EVA ear covers for more wind-cheating and a quieter ride. Oakley achieves the fit with a Boa Spectra Fit System that controls a low-profile nylon webbing that tightens evenly in a 360-degree circle, providing secure and even tension around your entire head. This helmet won't ever be as breezy as the Aro3 and 5 and if you race in particularly hot or hilly locations those might be better choices, but those helmets aren't as aerodynamic either so the ideal scenario might be picking up one of each. That being said, there are scoops at the top and sides that grab moving air and channel it across your head, cooling you off, before exiting the rear exhaust vents. A...

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