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Buy It Now! | O'Neill Wetsuit Booties > Frigid water has met its match. The O'Neill 7mm Psycho Tech RT Wetsuit Boots are designed to keep feet warm and comfortable, even in the bitter cold. The round toe design optimized body heat and its' TechnoButter Air Firewall Interior is an unprecedented neoprene that allows for comfort, free movement, and has trapped air technology to help against water temps and wind. TechnoButter 3 Exterior O'Neills exclusive, maximum stretch, hydrophobic neoprene with featherlight ENVY foam rubber core. Ultimate warmth and comfort, built to last. Always rinse thoroughly inside and out with fresh water after every use. Hang to dry. Anatomical Fit Durable Outsole TechnoButter Air Firewall Interior The most advanced insulative neoprene available with even more stretch than before. Trapped air technology with quick dry and wind proof properties. Psychotically warm. | O'Neill 7mm Psycho Tech RT Wetsuit Boots 2021 - 10 in Black | Rubber/Neoprene

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