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Product Condition The NX-G Long-Sleeve Chronosuit - Mens is in Good condition These chronosuit were previously owned for five weeks The following observations were made regarding this issue They do not have any manufacturing defect They are in very good condition They were used and got body lotion marks cleanableSold as is all warranties voidedSize Male MColor BlackRetail Cost 49995The majority of the resistance while riding occurs due to aerodynamic drag mostly from our bodies so it makes sense to invest in some aero clothing if you want to go as faster using fewer watts Next time youre shooting for a PR at a TT or want to drive the breakaway to glory don the NX-G Long-Sleeve Chronosuit from Giordana and enjoy an injection of speed along with comfort and incredible craftsmanship honed from working with professional cyclists This skinsuit spares no expense in helping you improve your speed and if youve put in the time and effort in training the NX-G Chronosuit ensures you leave nothing to chanceGiordana poured some serious RampampD into the skinsuit and one of the results are fully body mapped fabrics so no material is left flapping in the wind Progressive gradual compression in the legs and forearms support working muscles and the micro-massaging does everything it can to prevent undue fatigue while youre giving it all you can Every seam material choice and panel was analyzed and tested for the optimum fit so it presents a streamlined second-skin profile while in an aero position Even dimples are used on the lightweight fabric much like a golf ball to create a thin turbulent boundary layer of air that clings to the suits surface This allows the smoothly flowing air to follow your bodys surface a little farther around the sides and back thereby decreasing the size of the wake Even the stretchable zipper is placed on the back where it creates less turbulence The lowers are similar in construction to Giordanas renowned NX-G bib shorts however the legs are 2cm longer Inside the Cirro C chamois extends its frontal padding area construction for more appreciated support when delivering the watts to the pedals in an aggressively forward position while also minimizing bulk in the rear where it isnt needed as muchAs you can see Giordana put a lot of thought into this wind tunnel and WorldTour tested Chronosuit You can now reap the benefits that professional time trialist and elite road cyclist have used for marginal gains and apply them in your efforts at gloryNX-G Long-Sleeve Chronosuit DWGAOH1

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