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Navigate steep, heart-pounding lines and boost higher than ever in the terrain park with the versatile Now Pilot Snowboard Binding. Like all Now bindings, the Pilot features Skate Tech, which starts with the skateboard truck-inspired hinge on the Hanger 2. 0 baseplate that acts as a fulcrum to quickly and efficiently transfer energy from edge to edge. This means that instead of flexing your baseplate on turns, all of your energy goes directly to the edge, giving you quicker response and less leg fatigue. Bushings at the contact points between the baseplate and the board reduce chatter for a smoother ride and prevent board breakage. The Pilot includes interchangeable medium- and hard-density bushings that offer either more dampening or response. Flushcup technology sits the highback above the heelcup, ensuring the back of your boot is flush with both the highback and the heelcup, which not only improves response, but also gives you the option of riding highback-less for a more surfy feel. Speaking of the highback, the Pilot's Highback 2. 0 features a redesigned Flex Hinge that prevent calf bite and a bit of a wing that offers added lateral support. Snow-clearing channels prevent snow from building up between the highback and heelcup when you're hiking for pow. The 3-D straps are fused with EVA for a comfy feel, and the stitchless design improves durability. The Pilot also includes a Channel system disc in addition to the 4X4 pattern disc so you can ride it with any major board brand on the market.

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