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Seeing as how both Now bindings and Yes snowboards are at the forefront of shredding innovation, it only made sense for the two companies to collaborate to create a binding that would help their riders dominate every aspect of the mountain. The Now x Yes Snowboard Binding offers versatility, a dynamic feel, and excellent board control so you can rip everything from park laps to steep, technical descents. Now's Skate Tech features a Hanger 1. 0 base connected to a hinged Kingpin at its center. The hinge acts like a fulcrum, allowing you to rock the binding back and forth with a subtle amount of play, much like you'd experience when turning on a skateboard truck. This technology also reduces vibration and shock underfoot, courtesy of medium-density bushings sitting directly under the Hanger, where the binding touches the board. The Flex Hinge 2. 0 highback is the stiffer and taller than the original Flex Hinge, serving up added power and edge hold on heelside turns. It's higher on the medial side to follow leg angles, eliminating calf bite. The Sieva ankle strap is made from one piece of single-injected EVA, meaning less weight and greater durability.

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