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The binding of choice for legendary riders, Jeremy Jones and Sammy Luebke, and for good reason, the Now Drive Snowboard Binding rips everything from lift-serviced laps to backcountry steeps with unwavering support and stability. It's built with Now's Hanger 2. 0 base, which provides a wider heelcup for greater comfort with varying boot shapes and sizes. The Hanger 2. 0's 30% fiberglass blend delivers the responsiveness desired for straight-lining steeps, laying trenches on groomers, and sending burly cliffs in the backcountry. Fortifying the binding, Now incorporated a mounting post (surrounds binding's disc) made of 30% carbon fiber for the utmost in strength and energy transfer. Innovative Skate Tech connects the Hanger 2. 0 base to a hinged Kingpin at the center of the binding. The hinge acts like a fulcrum, allowing you to rock the binding back and forth with a subtle amount of play, much like you'd experience when turning on a skateboard truck. This slight rocking motion seamlessly transmits your input into precise turns with powerful edge hold. This tech also reduces vibration and shock underfoot thanks to bushings sitting directly under the Hanger. The Drive comes with two different bushings, allowing you to customize the impact absorption and response between hard (55 shore) and medium (45 shore) densities.

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