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The Now Conda Snowboard Binding delivers powerful response and support, and is here for riders who slash powder, rip groomers, and charge big mountain lines. It combines a stiffer flex with Now's legendary Skate Tech performance and a women's-specific design to help you step up to the steepest runs on the mountain. Now's Skate Tech features a Hanger 1. 0 base connected to a hinged Kingpin at its center. The hinge acts like a fulcrum, allowing you to rock the binding back and forth with a subtle amount of play, much like you'd experience when turning on a skateboard truck. The Conda comes with medium-density bushings for the perfect balance of energy transfer and cushioning. Building on the durability and comfort of the single-injected EVA Sieva ankle strap, the Asym Sieva ankle strap offers the added benefit of a reversible design, which lets you rock it stock for maximum lateral support, or flip it over for a looser feel during mellow spring laps. The Flex Hinge highback's women's-specific design sits lower on the leg to avoid calf bite, and it's nice and wide for ample lateral support when dropping cliffs and railing carves.

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